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Acceptance to Rosa Parks Arts High School is based on a competitive audition and review of student records to ensure success in both the demanding studio work and the challenging academic programs. Students who are Paterson residents in the 8th grade are eligible to audition.

In order to be considered for acceptance into RPHS, the following three steps must be completed.

1. Complete student application online or hard copy.

Student Application Forms:

Recommendation Form for Guidance

Counselors & Teachers :


Online applications are submitted to RPHS automatically.

Deadline for submission – TBD

2. Academic records submitted to RPHS by guidance counselors

These include

• Report cards for grades 6, 7 and 8 (final for grades 6 and 7; MP1 for grade 8)
• Test scores for grades 6, 7 and 8 (PARCC and most recent STAR Renaissance scores)
• Attendance for grades 6, 7 and 8
• Two teacher recommendations

Deadline for submission – TBD
Submit academic records via interoffice mail or email to Ms. Chandra Johnson, RPHS Guidance

3. Student audition

• Auditions will be held the week of TBD

• Students will receive a letter with their scheduled audition dates and times before the
holiday break.

Students who have completed all three steps will receive notification of acceptance/denial by the middle of February 2019.

Click Here to Download a Copy of the Audition Music Materials

Click Here to Download a Copy of the Audition Orientation Handbook





How many applicants do you usually have and how many students will be admitted into the freshman class?

300 apply, and one third are accepted

What are the criteria for acceptance?
Performance/Interview 80%,
Academic Record 20%

Do you have a shadowing program? Yes

What if I’m not sure my son qualifies for admission?
You can call the school

Do you require laptops for your students?

What is the average class size and what is the student-teacher ratio?
Class size is about 20
Student-teacher ratio is 9/1